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The Great Romana Watch/Rewatch-a-thon
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In which we watch or rewatch all of the Doctor Who serials featuring Romana.

Romana, a fellow Time Lord, was introduced as the Fourth Doctor's travelling companion in the 1978 serial "The Ribos Operation". After one season, the character regenerated, and actress Mary Tamm was replaced by Lalla Ward. Romana II stuck around for one whole season and part of another before leaving to fight crime in another dimension.

Our mission is to work our way through one serial a week (give or take) and have a discussion/squee post where everyone can enjoy themselves. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of whether you've been a fan since you were in the womb or if you're completely new to all this.

Squee is the general rule of thumb here. We want happiness and positivity.

It isn't absolutely necessary to watch/rewatch everything. If you don't have time for it all, you're still welcome to pop in for the discussion and squee.

Your moderator is shannonsequitur, who assumes that everyone knows how to behave like a civilized, mature adult. Any behavior that proves her wrong will more than likely get you banned. The mod can be contacted through e-mail or private messaging.

Helpful List of Serials:
- The Ribos Operation
- The Pirate Planet
- The Stones of Blood
- The Androids of Tara
- The Power of Kroll
- The Armageddon Factor
- Destiny of the Daleks
- City of Death
- The Creature from the Pit
- Nightmare of Eden
- The Horns of Nimon
- Shada
- The Leisure Hive
- Meglos
- Full Circle
- State of Decay
- Warriors' Gate

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